How To Get “As Seen On” Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg for your Crypto Project

If you’ve visited the websites of up-and-coming businesses of all sectors, something might have caught your eye. Besides the standard product or service information, and success stories from clients, many of these websites also tend to have ‘As Seen on’ sections on their homepages. 

These sections mention publications and sites like  Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, and Business Insider as examples of places the project has been featured on. But why?

Simply put, having a feature article or even a mention on a platform of that calibre lends credibility to the business. Asking a customer or investor to give money to an unknown project is one thing but they are more likely to if the project has the stamp of approval from a global name like Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance or Business Insider.

This stamp of approval means that more people are likely to patronize such a business which is why businesses strive to get these mentions and put them front-and-centre on their websites. 

How Do You Get a Feature 

So, how does your business earn this covered ‘As Seen On’ badge? Well, there are two ways to go about this, with each having its own unique benefits. 


The first way this is can be done is through your own solo efforts. Keep in mind that getting featured on a site like Yahoo, Bloomberg or Business Insider isn’t just about paying for a slot like you would a restaurant table. 

All features have to go through an editorial department and there are two ways that this can happen. The first is that you’d have to find a journalist at one of these publications and pitch your project to them, convincing them that it is worthwhile and interesting to their audience. To do this, you’d need to speak with multiple reporters over weeks and even months. It is only after the pitch has been accepted if it is accepted at all, that the journalist will write the piece.

This would need to be cleared by several editors and if you don’t have a relationship with the editorial team, this could also be a very frustrating period. When the piece does come out, you have limited control over how your business is portrayed and if you are cast in a bad light, there is another long back-and-forth to have it corrected (if the publication agrees to change it), which takes away from time you could be spending on other things.  

You also have less control over the time that the piece will come out and the times that the site publishes the piece might not be convenient for you. For example, your site might be launching on a certain day and the piece might not come out for weeks after. 

Usually, you have to either begin chasing a feature months in advance or simply accept that it will not likely come out at a convenient time for you. 

With an Agency 

The other option would be to hire the services of a PR agency. While you might tell yourself that you can secure these features on your own, a PR agency likely already has contacts and a working relationship with the sites you want to be featured on. 

This means that rather than dealing with back-and-forth negotiations with these sites, the PR agency can do this for you. Some even have such good relationships with the sites that publication is guaranteed. We at MONCCO PR, for example, are a blockchain and crypto-focused agency that offers a guaranteed feature system. 

How this works is that your business submits its URL and the topic of choice to us. Then, we write an article based on this topic that you can approve. After this approval, we forward the article to our network of websites, which includes dozens of the top sites like Yahoo! And Business Insider.

The article is then published and the links are forwarded to you. No months of chasing down a feature or looking for editors’ email addresses. You only need to pay once and the articles are published permanently, giving you the coveted ‘As Seen On’ bragging rights. 


The ‘As Seen On’ badge is extremely beneficial for businesses but also hard to get if you’re doing it by yourself. With the guidance of a PR agency, you can amplify your business’ message to top sites with little effort on your part. 

This goes beyond not just saving time and effort but also helps to ensure that your project rollout will be as well-done as possible. The pieces you need can be published at the right time and issues between you and the publications that cover your project can be addressed. 

All these can secure positive coverage, more attention for your business, and the covered ‘As Seen On’ badge. 

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