How to write a press release that gets you on Yahoo! Finance in 2023: 5 easy steps

Getting your organization noticed can mean the difference between success and failure. It’s impossible for customers to buy your product if they don’t know it exists, that’s why getting featured on major news platforms like Yahoo! Finance is so important. It allows you to reach a huge audience of interested readers and gives your brand the credibility of being associated with people’s trusted sources of information.

You get the attention of news platforms by sending out press releases. A press release is a summary of your organization that a writer can use to build an article. Platforms like Yahoo! Finance have pages where you can submit press releases for consideration.

Because of how important first impressions can be, getting your press release right can have a big impact on how your organization is perceived. That’s why we’ve broken down the process into 5 easy steps to make sure it has maximum impact.

Here Are The Five Steps To Writing a Press Release.

1. Find the right angle

2. Write an eye-catching headline and introduction.

3. Summarise your story and the essentials.

4. Include supporting content.

5. Finish with your contact details.

1. Find the right angle

When crafting a press release, it’s essential to identify the most compelling and refined aspect of the announcement that you want to communicate. Whether it’s the launch of an innovative product, the successful completion of a groundbreaking project, or a strategic change within your organization, narrowing down the focus ensures that the message remains clear and impactful.

2. Write an eye-catching headline and introduction

Some writers can receive hundreds of press releases every day. Sometimes they only have time to skim the title, and maybe some of the introduction. Because of this, it’s important to show them what the story is as efficiently as possible.

Include the name of your organization in the title and give a short indication about what the story is and why people should be paying attention to it.

Follow that up with an initial paragraph that neatly highlights the importance of your announcement and shows the potential for an article.

3. Summarize your story and the essentials

Your press release is going to act as a cheat sheet for any journalists that decide to write your story. It should include all the relevant information you want to communicate. and give some context about your industry.

To make sure you have all the details you can ask yourself if your press release answers the 5Ws:

  • Who?: Who are you and what do you do?
  • What?: What is happening? What are you selling? What service do you provide?
  • Where?: This is less important for something like a global tech-based company but still helpful to include.
  • Why?: Why should the reader pay attention?
  • When?: Is there a time-based element to your business or announcement?

Write clearly about and simply, you can use bullet points to summarize to make sure nothing gets missed. There’s no need to include overly complex language at this point, that’s the job of the writer when they put their article together.

4. Include supporting content.

Once you have the basics it’s important to include supporting content so the article can have some color. Things like direct quotes from high-up people in your organization, like the CEO or founder are perfect for this.

Quotes let you express your voice. They’re used by writers to add more context and color to an article and make it more interesting for readers. You can ask yourself a few questions and answer them out loud in your own words, this can make them feel more natural and familiar.

5. The final details

Collect all your contact details and social media links and include them at the very end. This makes it easier for a writer to look deeper into your organization and lets them include those links in their article.

It is also customary to include the country, city, and date at the beginning of the first paragraph, and to include “For Immediate Release” to be featured prominently at the the top of the document.

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