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Wether you want to attract investors or increase sales, having a high brand value is a must

You can reach millions of people and generate thousands of leads with a single feature on a top-tier publication

People get in touch with your products through PR efforts even before you start with your marketing


Industries. We specialize in.

It is a challenge to place digital economy companies, high growth and tech companies in the media landscape. MONCCO PR supports brands to tell the stories that hit the nerve of the target group – whether in trade, business or daily media. After all, a strong presence is extremely important for successful corporate development. Being present in the media means more awareness, more fans, more coverage, a better image, more sales and more clicks – in short: more business.


We offer a comprehensive, strategic approach to build strong brand identities and shape opinions.


Media relations, is one of the core functions of our business. We are committed to delivering high-impact press coverage beyond the typical news stories to make brands stand out.


Our link building offer is based on 100% organic outreach to get high-quality editorial links and the most authoritative publications in your niche which leads to more clicks and more sales.


We create content for websites and digital or print media as per our clients requirements in order to reach out to their target audience, and ultimately, generate revenue for your company.


Press releases are essential to get information out to the public. We offer the most far reaching, value packed press release distribution to relevant major media outlets to your business.


Interviews provide an opportunity to build trust and authority for your company or new product/ service. We help you to build strategic messages into your interviews in order to catch the attention of your target audience.


We offer also highly effective PR packages which can be customized to the needs and budget of our clients. Our PR packages are including publications on top-tier media outlets, interviews and press releases.

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Our clients get a strategic consultation from start to finish for each project. We work in a very personalized way and adapting our services to the needs of each brand to build a long-term relationship. Our proven methods allow us to secure mentions, interviews and even features in top business, tech, and cryptocurrency publications. We have board experience in working with start-ups and businesses at different stages. This means we are very flexible in terms of pricing and can adapt to your business’ needs and budgets.

In short: We are committed to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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Being present in the media means more awareness, more fans,

more sales, and more clicks – in short: more business.


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